Monday, January 12, 2009

Join the Defiantly Dutch group at Facebook!

That's not me. I don't use a desktop computer.

In my continuing quest for global domination, I’ve started a Facebook group for Defiantly Dutch. Alas, in my continuing inability to grasp anything more technologically involved than turning on the computer, hitting Tab and waiting for a diet soda, I’ve got no idea how to put a widget on this here blog that takes you to the group page.

So in lieu of that, I humbly ask that you go to Facebook, search Defiantly Dutch and join a bunch of fellow Hofstra grads who obsess over the Flying Dutch athletics…and some friends of mine with no Hofstra ties who probably signed up because they were worried I’d end up sitting there all alone, thinking how much this reminded me of the last dance at every high school dance I ever attended, minus, of course, Stairway To Heaven. I don’t want to talk about it.

Where was I? Oh yeah. Go join the Defiantly Dutch group at Facebook! All the cool kids are there…and me, too.

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