Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy birthday, Jay Wright! (Oh and my wife too)

That's right, The Man Who Saved Hofstra Basketball turns 47 today. If that depresses you and reminds you of misspent youth (and tuition dollars), welcome to my world. As my wife says: "By the time he was your age, he'd already been Hofstra's coach for three years."

Thanks honey. Happy birthday to you too, despite all the havoc you've wrecked over the last 24 hours. :)

Happy birthday, too, to Flying Dutchmen guard David Vallins, who turns 20 on Christmas Day. I hope nobody combines gifts for him. My wife always hates that.

And a happy holidays and a joyous Festivus to all of you from all of us here at DDHQ (even Butterfingers Sully Ray, who is still scurrying around for the T-shirt he let slip through his fingers last night). Thanks for stopping by this little corner of the Internet the last four months. Have a great holiday weekend and we'll see you Monday.

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Anonymous said...

Your wife shares a birthday with Wright? Boy she must love it when you're running around the house in your Hofstra clothes singing "Happy Birthday Jay" all day before finally realizing you should mention her in a verse or two!