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Just The Facts 2011: Three seeds in the CAA tourney

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Good afternoon and say hello to Just The Facts Part II, in which Elisabeth Shue breaks up with me off-screen and Peter Cetera sings a schmaltzy chart-topping ballad that momentarily makes him look brilliant for leaving Chicago and which some dorkus in northwest Connecticut may or may not always associate with his first slow dance.

Where was I? Oh yeah.

Anyway: As you may know by now, the Flying Dutchmen will be the third seed in the CAA Tournament when it gets underway tomorrow. So below you will find the historic raw data of three seeds in the CAA Tournament.

But first the pertinent info! The no. 3 seed has won the championship just twice (George Mason in 2007-08, Richmond in 1997-98—is this a year that ends in an “8?” No? Crap) but has reached the finals six times since the CAA expanded in 2001-02 and 12 times overall. The six championship game appearances for the no. 3 seed in the expansion era are second-best behind only the top seed (eight times).

More good news: Since expansion, the no. 3 seed is 7-2 in its quarterfinal game. More bad news: The no. 3 seed has alternated losses and wins every year since 2007 (Hofstra and Northeastern lose in 2007 and 2009, George Mason and William & Mary win in 2008 and 2010). Is this a year that ends in an odd number? Yes? Crap.

In those nine games, the average margin of victory for the no. 3 seed is 5.5 points, which lends credence to the argument that teams that play on Friday begin tiring on Saturday, never mind Monday.

Lastly: The no. 3 seed in the CAA tournament is 35-26 all-time. Let’s make it 38-26 this year, what say you? Here’s the rundown on how the no. 3 seed has fared since the CAA was founded as the ECAC South in 1982-83:

2010: William & Mary 2-1, L Finals
2009: Northeastern 0-1, L Quarters
2008: George Mason 3-0, W Finals
2007: Hofstra 0-1, L Quarters
2006: Hofstra 2-1, L Finals
2005: UNCW 1-1, L Semis
2004: George Mason 2-1, L Finals
2003: Drexel 2-1, L Finals
2002: VCU 2-1, L Finals
2001: VCU 0-1, L Quarters
2000: Richmond 2-1, L Finals
1999: Richmond 0-1, L Quarters
1998: Richmond 3-0, W Finals
1997: East Carolina 0-1, L Quarters
1996: UNCW 2-1, L Finals
1995: James Madison 2-1, L Finals
1994: UNCW 1-1, L Semis
1993: Richmond 0-1, L Quarters
1992: American 1-1, L Semis
1991: American 1-1, L Semis
1990: American 1-1, L Semis
1989: American 0-1, L Quarters
1988: George Mason 2-1, L Finals
1987: Richmond 1-1, L Semis
1986: George Mason 2-1, L Finals
1985: George Mason 1-1, L Semis
1984: William & Mary 1-1, L Semis
1983: Navy 1-1, L Semis

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