Wednesday, March 24, 2010

All the Pecora links and rumors (and lies I’m spreading to keep him here!) you can handle!

This one goes out to the writers chasing this story as much as it does those of us obsessed with it!

He’s in, he’s out. He’s signed, sealed and delivered to Fordham, he hasn’t talked to Fordham yet. He’s gone, he’s staying. He’ll be the Fordham coach by tonight, the Hofstra men’s basketball banquet is still scheduled for tonight.

Yesterday was quite a day for those of us obsessed with the Tom Pecora Coaching Saga, with more twists and turns and misinformation than a single episode of Lost. I figure the best thing to do is link all the stories, Twitter accounts and message boards here so you can sift through everything and then lose your mind like me—and then repeat the entire process today!

My guess is we’ll have a resolution tonight. I can’t imagine Fordham wants to announce its new coach once the NCAA Tournament has resumed and I imagine Hofstra wants an answer as soon as possible. So hang tight, keep hitting refresh on Twitter and I’ll pass along anything I hear or read.

Fordham message board 

ESPN: Pecora offered gig, to visit Fordham today

Sean Brennan (Daily News): Pecora says he hasn’t talked to Fordham

Steve Marcus (Newsday): Fordham has talked to Pecora, will offer him the job soon

Jeff Goodman ( Pecora, Fordham close 

Adam Zagoria ( Sources split on Pecora to Fordham

Twitters: @AdamZagoria, @goodmanonfox

In the meantime, enjoy the soothing melodies of Megadeth as you read the top five rumors I’m spreading in hopes Fordham runs far away from Pecora!

5.) Pecora wants to become a reality star and is planning to marry Kate Gosselin and star in “TP And Kate Plus Eight.”

4.) Pecora buried weapons of mass destruction underneath the Physical Fitness Center.

3.) Pecora rode the 7 train with John Rocker in 1999.

2.) Pecora, who had hip surgery last summer, was treated by Tony Galea, the Canadian doctor who has Alex Rodriguez in hot water.

1.) Pecora roots for the Red Sox and ignores Fordham booster Freddy Sez when he comes along with that pot and pan at Yankee Stadium!

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