Wednesday, March 31, 2010

CBI Craziness Standings: Semifinals!

And you thought best-of-three basketball series ceased to exist in the early 1980s!

Gotta admit: When I warned I might not have the updated standings for CBI Craziness immediately after the semifinals, I didn’t think I’d be this lax, even accounting for the zaniness that would accompany Tom Pecora heading to Fordham. But here it is, Wednesday night and VCU already leads Saint Louis, 1-0, in the best-of-three CBI championship series (still weird. Not only that, but the second game is likely deep into the second half as I type this.

So enough yakkety yak, Long story short is if VCU wins, VCU Pavarotti wins. If Saint Louis wins, somehow, I win, despite riding Hofstra all the way to the finals. Go figure. That would suck, since the awesomeness of my prize would be lost on me. Alas, it would also be lost on fellow Flying Dutchmen fan Gary Moore, who also has Saint Louis and is just behind me. So basically, root for VCU, which you should do anyway since 11 out of 12 CAA teams are worth supporting in the postseason.

Here are the standings. Those of us with the champion still alive have the pick in parenthesis. Go Rams (who, by the time you read this, will have probably either clinched the CBI or will be preparing for the winner-take-all third game). If the series ends tonight, I’ll have a congratulatory message for VCU Pavarotti tomorrow. If not, I won’t. Simple huh?

VCU Pavarotti 19 (VCU)

Jerry Beach 17 (StL)
Robert Simkins 17

Gary Moore 16 (StL)
John Templon 16 (VCU)

Todd Golden 14 (StL)

Craig Smith 12 (VCU)
Rob White 12 (VCU)
Jim Waltman 12

Thad Brown 11 (StL)

Mike Brodsky 10 (StL)
Michelle Beach 10
Mike Smith 10
Mike Hadley 10

Alisha Hord 9 (StL)
David Kaye 9

Sully Ray 8 (VCU)

Steve Bittenbender 7
Tim Russell 7
Elise Russell-Manicke 7
Lee Warner 7

Matt Edwards 5

Enoram 4
Tony Sibilla 4
Mike Stein 4

Josh Claywell 3

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VCU Pavarotti/Chris Crowley said...

Yay! Go rams.