Friday, March 19, 2010

CBI Craziness Standings: First Round!

How hard-core are those of us in CBI Craziness? Not even Pete Rose joined!

Sorry for the delay in getting the CBI Craziness standings to you, I've just been in mourning since the Flying Dutchmen's season ended in front of absolutely nobody Wednesday night. It does feel appropriate that the best anyone did in projecting a third-tier tournament was 63 percent (5 of 8). I'm also going to take whatever opportunity I can to declare I am the smartest person among my group of season ticket holders. Take a look at who is tied for first and who is tied for last!!

That said, I hope I don't win, because it'll be much cooler to give the first place prize that I came up with to somebody else. Juicy, yes? Fortunately (or unfortunately), a bunch of people in this Hofstra-centric pool are in trouble. So if you didn't go to school in Hempstead, or didn't let my rantings and ravings influence your picks, you've got a pretty good shot at winning that super duper awesome prize.

Anyway, here you go, along with a breakdown of how we picked the first round games (we were horribly wrong about the two games we were most sure about!) as well as a breakdown of who we picked to reach and win the CBI championship series. I'll have the second round results Tuesday (no, really!). Enjoy your weekend and that "other" tournament!

CBI Craziness Standings

Steve Bittenbender 5
Elise Manicke-Russell 5
Tim Russell 5
Robert Simkins 5
VCU Pavarotti 5
Lee Warner 5
Jerry Beach 5

Mike Brodsky 4
Enoram 4
Michael Hadley 4
Gary Moore 4
Craig Smith 4
Mike Smith 4
Mike Stein 4
John Templon 4
Jim Waltman 4
Rob White 4

Thad Brown 3
Josh Claywell 3
Matt Edwards 3
Alisha Hord 3
David Kaye 3

Michelle Beach 2
Todd Golden 2
Tony Sibilla 2
Sully Ray 2

Akron-Green Bay: Akron 23-3
IUPUI-Hofstra: Hofstra 22-4
Duquesne-Princeton: Princeton 21-5
Saint Louis-Indiana State: Saint Louis 20-6
Boston U.-Oregon State: Oregon St 20-6
VCU-George Washington: VCU 19-7
Charleston-E. Kentucky: E. Kentucky 15-11
Colorado State-Morehead State: Morehead St. 15-11

Hofstra 11
Saint Louis 8
Oregon State 5
Akron 4
Morehead State 3
Princeton 3
George Washington 3
Boston U. 1
Charleston 1
E. Kentucky 1
Colorado State 1
Duquesne 1

Saint Louis 6
Hofstra 5
Akron 4
Princeton 2
Boston U. 1
Morehead State 1
Duquesne 1

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