Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Barack Obama wins the Presidency, does not host victory party at Hofstra USA

This is actually a picture of the Multipurpose Room. I learned over the last several hours that you can find a picture of everything on the Internet except an exterior shot of Hofstra USA. Hey Sully Ray, don’t you have some Hofstra USA shots in an attic somewhere?

No doubt buoyed by his performance at the Hofstra debate three weeks ago, Barack Obama became the 44th President of the United States last night when he trounced John McCain, 349-147, with Georgia, Missouri and North Carolina still undecided. In McCain’s defense, he was down to his third-string quarterback.

Alas, Obama displayed his appreciation for Hofstra’s pivotal role in his triumph (no, not the Triumph) by hosting his victory party in Chicago, his so-called hometown. Pfffft. I promise you that when I’m elected president, I’m going to make my acceptance speech at Hofstra USA and then we’re gonna have a big buffet meal at The Lion’s Den.

What a night though. A historic and—here comes a pun!—prideful evening no matter which side of the aisle on which you reside. Need a few hours—or all day—to decompress, so we’ll be back later today or tomorrow with some sports-related stuff.

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The Icepick said...

Even the sports world turned.

But, what, no comments to The AP from the Flying Dutchmen on our basketball-loving president-elect? (At least they could have linked to Defiantly Dutch.)

And any chance the Dutch line up a non-league game against Oregon State at the site of the third debate?