Monday, November 16, 2009

We’re off to see the cow-tippers, the wonderful cow-tippers of Storrs…

I was wearing this shirt long before I'd heard of Hofstra, but long after I made fun of UConn as a Cow College.

Hey, as I mentioned during my first week here, I can make fun of Connecticut. I’m from there!

Anyway, short entry here for two reasons. I spent many more hours than I expected working on a big picture post, which you will probably see later today. And just as importantly, I’m preparing for a trip to the homeland, where I’ll attend the Flying Dutchmen’s two Preseason NIT games at the University of Connecticut.

I’m bursting with anticipation at the possibility of the Dutchmen beating Yale tonight and advancing to a winner’s bracket contest Tuesday against UConn, because Hofstra playing the Huskies holds the potential to be THE GREATEST THING THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED TO ME (except meeting my wonderful wife, hi honey!)

Seriously, you thought I was hyped up for the game against top-ranked Kansas and the chance to taunt two friends? The Dutchmen knock off UConn tomorrow and I’ve got bragging rights over every single one of my Connecticut friends FOREVER.

Check back here the next two mornings for my reports from Storrs, and make sure to follow me on Twitter at for all the in-game commentary you can handle and then some.

In the meantime, if you want a great laugh, check out page six of Jeremy Kniffin’s notes package in which he turns Mark Twain quotes into Hofstra-centric notes. I thought he was brilliant in doing the same thing last week with songs by the band Kansas (also on page six), but this…holy smokes, he’s on another level mere mortals like you and I cannot even hope to comprehend.

Also, we’re number one! In strength of schedule, anyway, which makes sense after opening the season against the top-ranked team in the country but is cool nonetheless. Thanks to Jojogunne for pointing it out at the CAAZone boards.

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