Wednesday, December 2, 2009

In which I once again take a rare break from commenting solely on HU sports to wish my wife a happy anniversary

If today is the 15th anniversary of my first date with my wife, then it must also be the first anniversary of the post in which I detailed said date and how the awesome ebullience of Weezer’s "Buddy Holly" symbolized my feelings about the burgeoning relationship as well as the Best Semester Ever. If “What’s The Frequency Kenneth” was the shot across the bow that signified the semester's unlimited potential, “Buddy Holly” was the slam-dunk encore that symbolized its realization.

I only bore Sully Ray with annual re-tellings of the first date, but this year, in particular, it wouldn’t feel right to let the day go without acknowledging how fortunate I am to have Michelle as my wife—not to mention how fortunate the Dutchmen are to have her as a fan. They’re 3-0 with her in attendance this year but 1-4 without her. Find room for us on the plane to Florida Atlantic, Tom!

Being 21 and goofy in love, you never think about what lies beyond the other side of dating and how marriage involves challenges and tasks that are incomprehensible until you are confronted by them. I am sure Michelle never imagined the sequence of events that took place over seven horrible weeks earlier this year—riding in an ambulance with my Mom, spending several days a week in Boston with my shattered family and helping us pick up the pieces after the inevitable became reality in March—but through it all, she was an incredible pillar whose strength kept me afloat. I can never do as much for her as she has already done for me.

Fifteen years ago, I thought I was really lucky to fall for a girl who liked sports. I had no idea just how fortunate I really was. Happy anniversary, honey. I’ll see what I can do about getting you that Life With Corny jersey.

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