Thursday, December 24, 2009

In which, for the second straight year, I wish Jay Wright (and my wife) a Happy Birthday and all of Dutch Nation a Merry Christmas

Whoohoo! Another excuse to post the photo of the '94 pocket sked!

Some of us celebrate our birthdays by going to a favorite restaurant, where we quench our hunger for nostalgia as much as we do for nourishment. Jay Wright celebrates by pounding Delaware.

Eighth-ranked Villanova cruised to a 97-63 win over the Blue Hens last night, one day before Wright turned 48 (yes, he does look younger than me despite his 12-year head start, I don’t want to talk about it) and a mere eight years and change since Wright recorded his final victory on the Hofstra sidelines by directing the Flying Dutchmen to their second straight America East title game win over Delaware. I’m just going to presume that the Villanova fans observed Wright’s birthday by storming the court and surrounding him as he climbed a ladder and cut down the nets.

Happy birthday Jay, and thanks for saving Hofstra basketball!

And while I’m here, I should conclude Operation Keep My Ass Married by wishing the world’s best Hofstra fan a very happy birthday. You know you married up when your wife believes she shares Wright’s birthday, and not vice versa.

And judging by the freaking psychopaths I encountered this week at Costco and other big box stores, Christmas, apparently, is tomorrow as well. So on behalf of the entire Defiantly Dutch family, I extend to all of Dutch Nation our wishes for a very happy and safe holiday season and offer my sincere thanks to you for visiting the site this year and making this project so fulfilling for me. Hopefully 2010 is the year we finally get to chronicle (get it? Chronicle? I’ll be here all week! Well, not really) a trip to the NCAA Tournament for the Flying Dutchmen basketball team…as well as provide regular reminders of the injustice that was perpetuated on Dec. 3.

I had hoped to post a story about the relationship between Bob McKillop and Tom Pecora before the holiday, but OKMAM occupied far more time than I anticipated, so stop back Monday morning for that story. In the meantime, may you spend your long weekend like I plan to spend mine: Pigging out and adding a few more pounds to the weight loss goal for 2010!

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