Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dr. James M. Shuart on Hofstra ending football

Just spoke to Dr. James M. Shuart, the former Hofstra football player and President who was the program’s biggest supporter throughout his 25-year reign and for whom the football (err, lacrosse) stadium is named. Here are his thoughts on today’s news:

Well, I feel sorry for the football team and for the students. It’s a good part of your college life for all students to have these things. It’s to bad, but they talk about having budgetary problems and that’s what happens. Trustees have to make those decisions, you know?

(On if he was surprised by the news)

Beginning to hear some noise about them. But I’m not part of it. When you’re out for nine or 10 years, you’re not around too much [laughs]. I get to see the games and see basketball as well and lacrosse. It’s always fun. And I was also a football player as a student at Hofstra, so that’s part of my life, you know? I played as a football player in 1949 to 1953 and then I worked for Hofstra for 40 years and spent 25 years as president. And I did what I could to do my best for students to use the things [on campus]. And football was part of it. Obviously, my job was more than just that, but it was good.

Now the trustees I guess, and the president feel that they can’t do it. And what can I say? I wish them well. I wish the coaches and the players well. I hope they’ll be OK. They’re really good people and there deserves to be something nice for them. And then I can be happy about that.

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Anonymous said...

As President, Shuart fostered an environment that enabled Hofstra football players to run wild on campus, destroying university property, and off-campus, assaulting other students. Good riddance to both (Shuart and football) The current President is an intellectual and a man of wisdom and true foresight. Thank you President Rabinowitz, for taking Hofstra into an era that values academics over football.