Monday, January 4, 2010

Heading to the belly of the beast…

Hofstra hat…check. Hofstra sweatshirt…check. Protective cup…check.

This feels like a reality show episode in the making, but one way or the other it’ll be fun: A fortuitous series of events has me preparing to leave my humble abode to go watch the Flying Dutchmen face George Mason. Figure I better do this while the two schools are still in the same conference!

Will I be unable to resist the urge to holler terrible things at Jim Larranaga and Tom O’Connor? Will my big mouth get me into big trouble with Mason fans? Will I pull a redneck Calvin on a Mason Final Four banner? Tune in to Twitter tonight and check back here tomorrow (probably later in the day, since I’ll be driving home late tonight)!

Seriously, this should be a—here’s that word again—defining moment for the Dutchmen coming off a heartbreaking loss to the College of Bill Lawrence. I can’t stop thinking the Dutchmen will either win this one by three or lose it by 23. Fortunately, they’re better than a year ago, when the 20-point loss was commonplace. And they went 5-1 immediately after those losses, so Tom Pecora has proven able to get the Dutchmen refocused in a hurry. He’ll need all his motivational tricks tonight against a Mason team that is as unpredictable as Hofstra: The Patriots beat ODU by 16 three days after losing to Radford by 27.

A win here is suddenly essential after the CBL loss, especially with the five-in-10 stretch ending with games at Old Dominion and at home against VCU. Any chance at a victory must include Nathaniel Lester performing like he did Saturday. I think he really took a big step against CBL, something I’ll try to expound upon later this week. Charles Jenkins needs a bounce-back effort, too, and as noted this morning, the Dutchmen need to get something down low from Miklos Szabo and Greg Washington.

It should be interesting, one way or the other. If you can’t be at the game, look for me on the teevee! I’ll probably be the guy getting led away by security.

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GO MASON. Great game. I give kudos to your guys for playing their butts off. Hofstra's a strong team, and other guys stepped up big tonight for the Pride besides Jenkins. But, there's only one winner...and tonight, that's my Patriots. Hope you enjoyed your visit to Paradise.