Saturday, January 29, 2011

Play the Charles Jenkins Record Game!

No whammies, 16 points....STOP!!!

Hey did you hear? Charles Jenkins is probably going to become Hofstra’s all-time leading scorer today! This is big stuff, and I’m looking forward to a sellout crowd at the Arena. After all, it’s not every day you get a chance to see history like this, or every decade, or every half-century.

Antoine Agudio broke Steve Nisenson’s 43-year-old record at Delaware Feb. 27, 2008. And while I don’t know if Nisenson broke Bill Thieben’s record at home in 1964-65—I’m old but not THAT old—the point is if you can get out to Hempstead today, you should, because this is a rare opportunity.

In addition, now you can have extra fun watching Jenkins pursue his ex-teammate by trying to figure out exactly when and how he’ll break the record! Jenkins, of course, needs 16 points to surpass Agudio, so I dove into this season’s play-by-plays to see exactly when he scored his 16th point in each of this season’s 21 games and then figured out the average time of his 16th point.

Jenkins actually only scored 16 points 19 times: He scored 15 against Nebraska Nov. 21 and 13 against Holy Cross Dec. 22. For those games, I have “credited” him with needing 40 minutes to get to 16 points.

There’s a chance my math is off, because I did this in the middle of the night and because algebraic-esque problems like this were never my strong suit, but if I’m right, then Jenkins scores his 16th point, on average, just shy of 11 minutes into the second half. He has scored 16 points in the first half just once—against North Carolina (20 points) in the second game of the year, so if you’re a late arrival today, you’ll probably be OK. But don’t be late.

Here, for the fun of it, is the list of when Jenkins scored his 16th point in each game this season. All time listed is the time remaining in the second half, except, obviously for the North Carolina game.

Vs. Farmingdale State: 10:47
Vs. North Carolina: 7:37 1st
Vs. Western Kentucky: 8:16
Vs. Nebraska: finished with 15
Vs. Wagner: 4:44
Vs. Rider: :52
Vs. Towson: 13:11
Vs. Binghamton: 13:21
Vs. Florida Atlantic: 18:15
Vs. Manhattan: 6:07
Vs. Holy Cross: finished with 13
Vs. Iona: 11:12
Vs. Drexel: 4:29
Vs. George Mason: 14:36
Vs. Northeastern: 3:57
Vs. Towson: 3:43
Vs. Old Dominion: 8:54
Vs. UNC Wilmington: 4:32
Vs. William & Mary: 7:29
Vs. James Madison: 12:59
Vs. VCU: 11:32

Also for the fun of it: Jenkins has scored his 16th point on a two-pointer 11 times, on a 3-pointer four times and on a free throw four times (one of which was capping a 3-point play, and if he gets the record that way today, it counts as a free throw) So your task is to guess which minute in the game he’ll break the record (i.e. if you think he’ll get it just shy of 11 minutes into the second half, guess the 31st minute) and how he’ll break it. You can record your guess in the comments section below, email it to me or shout it to me via Twitter. The person or people closest to the actual time of the record-breaking point will receive as a reward—well, probably nothing. But you’ll be a cult hero!

As for me (and I’m not eligible to not win a prize), I’m going to say Jenkins rides the momentum and the energy of the Arena today and scores the record-breaking point on a two-point basket in the final minute of the first half (i.e. the 20th minute).

Meanwhile, as we wait for tipoff, check out this little nugget I found in the archives—the first time I pondered aloud the idea of Jenkins breaking Agudio’s record, way back in November 2008, when Jenkins was just beginning his sophomore season. I can’t take the credit for floating the possibility, all-world Hofstra SID Jeremy Kniffin mentioned it in the game notes, but it’s pretty wild to think about just how long we’ve assumed this was inevitable, and to have the chance to finally see that bit of history today.

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