Monday, January 24, 2011

Five halftime thoughts: James Madison

1.) The Flying Dutchmen got off to a, well, flying start in racing out to leads of 7-0 and 13-5, but James Madison is good at this thing we call basketball. The Dukes ended the half on a 36-15 run and the Dutchmen have had no answer for Denzel Bowles inside and Julius Wells outside. The duo has outscored Hofstra 29-28. Not a misprint. Wells has four 3-pointers, including a gorgeous shot he drained with Shemiye McLendon all over him as the shot clock expired, while Bowles (15 points, seven rebounds) is having his way with David Imes (three fouls) on the bench. He also hits jump shots. Life is not fair. The Dutchmen have got to come up with an answer and hope the duo cools off, otherwise this will be a long second half.

2.) Charles Jenkins and Greg Washington are doing it almost all by themselves for the Dutchmen and that’s not a good thing. Jenkins has 10 points, three assists, two blocks and two rebounds while Washington has just four points on 3-of-9 shooting but has seven boards and two blocks. He has looked as good as he has all season under the boards, fighting past Bowles for two offensive rebounds before finally putting one, but the Dutchmen need more to come back and win this one.

3.) The Dutchmen are 2-of-11 from 3-point land, including a combined 0-for-4 effort from Brad Kelleher and Shemiye McLendon and 2-of-6 from Mike Moore. The Dutchmen can’t win without getting some help from three.

4.) Kelleher looked great in the first few minutes, finding Washington and Imes for nice layups. The Dutchmen had a good flow going before the first media timeout, can it be rediscovered?

5.) Not much else to say other than Humpty has six points on two 3-pointers, and Denzel Bowles is really good at basketball.

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