Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tim Welsh Press Conference—Halil Kanacevic Q&A

What’s it like for a freshman to go through a coaching change?

For me, it’s not really that big a change. This is my fourth coach in six years. High school, coming into college, I had coaching changes throughout the years. Coming from JV to varsity to my varsity coach changing to my first year of college, now I’ve got a new college coach. It’s a different situation, but you’ve got to adjust, see how things work out. It was a great first meeting with the coach, we had a meeting with him this morning. Keep rolling along, keep rolling with the punches.

Actually, you know what, it’s a different adjustment if you talk about it. It’s college. I high school, you’re the premier player. And now you’re in college, you’re part of a system, so it’s differences and changes—different coaches, different philosophies. You’ve got to do your best to adjust.

Charles talked about looking Welsh up on YouTube. What did you do to learn about him?

I had seen him on the TV a couple times, so I remembered him from there. And then I looked up the Internet, looked at his track record and saw that not only did he coach at Providence, he had some big time conference [experience], but he coached Iona, which means he coached at a level that’s basically the same level as the CAA. So you see the guy has coached at all different levels, he’s coached all different types of players, all different types of talents. He’s a well-rounded coach and I’m waiting to get to work with him, get to talk to him some more, see what his plans are.

Was this a rollercoaster week for you guys?

At first, not really, because coach Pecora usually had his name in the paper all the time. But then it got a little bit more serious. There were rumors that say he’s taking the job at Fordham. And finally we heard about it and we had a meeting with Jack Hayes [who talked about how Hofstra was] going to find a new coach. It’s been a pretty crazy week, hectic week.

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