Sunday, November 11, 2012

Six semi-useful things to know: Purdue

1.) Purdue is 0-1 after a 70-65 loss to Bucknell on Friday. That was the first “Red Line Upset” of the season, followed minutes later by George Mason upsetting Virginia. Bucknell and George Mason play each other Tuesday. What does this mean? I’m not entirely sure, other than Purdue is gonna be hacked off today.

2.) Hofstra has never played Purdue. The Dutchmen are 1-2 all-time against current Big 10 teams, of which there are actually 12, but the name Big 12 was already taken. The only current Big 10 team the Dutchmen have played while it was a member of the Big 10 is Penn State, which edged Hofstra 74-71 in the Holiday Classic championship game Dec. 27, 2000.

 3.) This game is part of the Wounded Warrior Classic, which is put on by the Gazelle Group, which of course puts on The Worst Thing Ever, the CBI. Hofstra traveled to Purdue after playing at Monmouth on Friday night even though Villanova is also a host team and even though JAY WRIGHT’S team has an obvious connection to Hofstra. Why did the Gazelle Group send the Dutchmen halfway across the country when they could have just put them on a two-hour bus ride? It’s the Gazelle Group. Don’t ask.

4.) The Dutchmen lost a season opener for the 34th time on Friday. The Dutchmen have bounced back with a win in their second game 18 times, including the last three times (2007, 2008 and 2009). Hofstra has not opened a season 0-2 since it lost its first three games in 2006.

5.) Jimmy Hall became the third Hofstra player this century to open his collegiate career with a double-double. He’ll try to become the first to have a double-double in his first TWO games. Kenny Adeleke and Halil Kanacevic fell just short: Adeleke had 25 points and nine assists against Kent State in 2001 while Kanacevic had eight points and nine rebounds against Yale in 2009.

6.) Mo Cassara wasted no time changing up the lineup as he penciled in Shaq Stokes, Jimmy Hall and Moussa Kone in place of Kentrell Washington, Jordan Allen and Stephen Nwaukoni. Incredibly, that means the Dutchmen have had more players start a game this year (eight, duh) than in either of Cassara’s first two seasons (seven each). 

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