Friday, November 9, 2012

Just The Facts: Transfers in their first game for Hofstra

Hofstra will have four transfers making their debuts for the Flying Dutchmen this season. Here is how transfers—both of the Division I and JUCO variety—have fared in their Hofstra debuts since 1991.

1991: Demetrius Dudley 33 pts/7 rbs vs. Navy

1993: Chris Johnke 0 pts/5 rbs vs. Iona**

1994: Jamil Greene 1 pt/2 rbs/1 assist vs. New Hampshire**
1995: Seth Meyers 14 pts/5 rbs vs. Stony Brook
1995: Lawrence Thomas 20 pts/4 rbs/2 assists vs. Villanova

1996: Lance Dunkley 2 pts/3 rbs/1 assist vs. Stony Brook**
1996: Duane Posey 8 pts/4 rbs/1 assist/2 blks vs. Stony Brook

1997: Mike Renfro 6 pts/3 rbs/1 assist/1 steal vs. Bucknell**

1998: Jason Hernandez: 7 pts/ 2 rbs/1 assist/2 steals vs. Maryland
1998: Abdul Sylla 0 pts/3 rbs vs. Youngstown State

1999: Greg Springfield: 7 pts/5 rbs/10 blocked shots vs. New Mexico State***

2000: Osei Miller: 2 pts/2 rbs vs. Northern Illinois

2004: Kenny Harris: 3 pts/1 rb/1 assist/2 steals vs. Florida International**
2004: Adrian Uter: 0 pts/2 rbs/1 block vs. Florida International**

2007: Darren Townes: 5 pts/5 rbs/1 steal/1 blocked shot vs. Holy Cross**
2007: Dane Johnson: 3 pts/1 rb/3 blocked shots vs. Holy Cross**

2008: Tony Dennison: 5 pts/4 rbs/1 assist vs. Clemson**
2008: Cornelius Vines: 12 pts/3 rbs/3 steals vs. Clemson**
2008: Miklos Szabo: 4 pts/11 rbs/2 assists/1 steal vs. E. Tennessee State**

2010: Mike Moore: 13 pts/4 rbs/4 assists vs. Farmingdale State
2010: Dwan McMillan: 15 pts/2 rbs/6 assists1 steal vs. Farmingdale State**
2010: Brad Kelleher: 2 pts vs. Florida Atlantic**

2011: Stevie Mejia: 7 pts/1 rb/4 assists/1 steal vs. Long Island
2011: Bryant Crowder: 13 pts/6 rbs/1 steal vs. Rhode Island**

**--junior college transfer
***--10 blocked shots are a school record

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