Friday, April 22, 2011


As first reported by Defiantly Dutch (always wanted to say that), Jim Larranaga--Mr. CAA, Mr. Would Never Leave GMU Because He Loves It Too Much--is gone. That's right, the "class" of the CAA is leaving for Miami. MIAMI. I would say he left for the Towson of the ACC, but I don't want to insult Towson. Ego and a desire for Shaka Smart-like money will make a man do crazy things, like napalm a career's worth of goodwill and finish things out in MIAMI.

I am going to enjoy the living hell out of this, and later today or tonight, I'll dig up some of those great self-satisfied emails I got after Larranaga ran up the score last January and during Hofstra's second coaching search 50 weeks ago, and give Google a good workout for Larranaga quotes about how he could never leave Mason, and I'll post them here. Because I am going to enjoy the living hell out of this.

The CAA is a far classier place today than 24 hours ago. Bye Jim! Say hi to Tubbs for us, and enjoy your makeover!

(Also, I am taking applications for my new CAA enemy)


Rob said...

Doc Nixon and that awful Mason pep band are very hate worthy and would make for an easy hate transfer.

P.J. said...

So where are all these e-mails and quotes???