Thursday, February 11, 2010

OK, so that playing in a blizzard thing worked out just fine

Recap of the SIGNATURE WIN over Drexel coming later today, after I dig our cars out, but in the interest of presenting both sides of the story, here is Tom Pecora’s take on how the decision to play the game last night was reached.

I still think, given the forecast and the day-long series of traffic accidents on Long Island, that the game should have been postponed to tonight and still think the PrideZone telecast should have been offered free to everyone. But the offer to provide season ticket holders with one free ticket to the Bracket Buster game per season ticket (i.e. if you have two season tickets, you can get two free tickets to the Bracket Buster) is a nice gesture and better than the usual olive branch Hofstra extends at times like these.

So check out what Pecora has to say. Then let’s link hands and sway to the music while supporting the official fountain soft drink of Hofstra basketball games!

“Basically, [on] Monday, we knew the storm was coming. Jack Hayes asked my thoughts and I said ‘If the team is here, the officials are here, we’ve got to play the game.’ It’s February. Trying to find another date this late in the season when dealing with both teams’ travel and dealing with facilities and things like that—a January game, it might have been changed. But everybody got here with no problem.

“And obviously, having said that, we played well and won the game. It’s all good by me.”

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