Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy anniversary, Jay Wright (and the NAC)!

That's right, it's the pocket schedule again!!

Where were you 15 years ago today? If you were me, you were watching Hofstra's new basketball coach, some guy named Jay Wright, charm the socks off dozens of people at the University Club. Dude seemed to have it all: He was young, good-looking, impeccably dressed, had a headline-perfect last name and appeared willing to put in the grunt work necessary to revive the Flying Dutchmen.

Who knew he would actually be better than advertised? I'd go as far as to say there has never been a more pivotal hire than Wright and a more pivotal day in the history of Hofstra athletics than Apr. 14, 1994, which was also the day the University was accepted into the North Atlantic Conference. Which, of course, begat the America East which begat back-to-back NCAA bids which begat the CAA which begat The Year We Were Freaking Screwed which begat The Year We Were Too Good For The CIT.

The 15th anniversary of Wright's hiring and Hofstra's move to the NAC snuck up on me, but I hope to have a piece or two on the seismic impact of that day in the coming, err, days. I'm also planning to get back into somewhat of a regular routine here. Probably won't post every weekday like in the fall and winter, but I'm aiming for three times a week on a variety of Hofstra topics--men's hoops for sure but spring sports as well. Thanks for your patience the past few weeks and please stop back soon.

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