Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tonight's the night (to find the official NBA team of DD!)

Which uniform will Charles be wearing after tonight?

Egads, man, these mock drafts are more tedious than recruiting coverage. Charles Jenkins is going 15th to the Pacers! Charles Jenkins is going 30th to the Bulls! Charles Jenkins is going 42nd to the Pacers! Charles Jenkins is going 58th to the Lakers! Charles Jenkins isn't falling out of the first round! Charles Jenkins will be undrafted and forced to play for Jim Larranaga's son in the NBDL!

Finally, tonight sometime between 7:30 and midnight, we'll have an answer, and we better have the official NBA team of Defiantly Dutch. And please, Jeebus, don't let it be the Heat, Knicks or Lakers, because unless Jenkins clones himself and plays all five positions, I can't root for any of those reprehensible teams.

Anyway, if you're on Long Island, come down to Bar Social (or, as us old schoolers call it, BOGARTS) for the draft party hosted by Mo Cassara and Co. We'll be providing updates from and about the scene on Twitter, as opposed to my usual off-season malarky mis-mosh of Scrubs references and baseball rantings. The Chronicle is on site at Newark (covering the NBA Draft--something else I never got to do as a student, damn kids), so make sure to follow the sports staff's Twitter as well as the Twitter of crack sports editor Joe Pantorno as they bring you the latest news, rumors and information.

And we'll get back into some kind of flow here as well now that summer has begun. Sorry for the lack of updates, I have been absolutely slammed at work, which is good, because it means I can keep eating, and bad, because it means I can't blog. Ahh adulthood. Anyway, see all of you at tonight's #TeamJenkins party!

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