Friday, August 29, 2008

I'm going to select Donald Brown in my fantasy draft next week

UConn had its way and made Loyal Reader Jeff look prescient with a 35-3 win over a banged-up Hofstra Thursday night in East Hartford. Been a busy night so I'll blog more in the afternoon, but here are links to the game stories from Newsday and The Hartford Courant. And check out the Icepick cracking wise in the comments section from yesterday.

Also, your one and only chance to catch the Flying Dutchwomen volleyball team at the Physical Fitness Center before the leaves start falling is this weekend at the Asics tournament. The Dutchwomen are, of course, being displaced by the preparations for the presidential debate and will not play another true home match until October 17.

Check back later today for a more extensive blog.


The Icepick said...

Oh, the debate. I forgot Hofstra scored that. Beach, please liveblog the debate. Shouldn't be hard to score credentials. Thank you.

And see if you can score an interview with Obama - and ask him if he could beat Demetrius Dudley in a game of one-on-one. I think Girthy could beat the O in H.O.R.S.E., but only if Girthy sticks to his/her outside game.

Anonymous said...

Love the BLOG, Jerry! Awesome. I'm bookmarking it right now.
I saw we held out our starting QB at UConn. Wish we had done that at Marshall a few years ago when the starter got hurt [I'm too lazy to look up his name].
Actually, I remember the time when we and Marshall both were still in I-AA, and we lost to them at their place. Their QB? A freshman named Chad Pennington.